Bubble tea is a worldwide famous, addictively good drink that represents asian youth-culture. Despite all goodness, there are two major negative aspects surrounding this industry; unhealthy, artificial ingredients and an abundance of plastic waste. Jackie Chá steps up to the plate to steer bubble tea in the right direction!

The company was founded in 2019 by a young couple. One of the founders being Chinese, the ambition was to bring authentic Chinese bubble tea recipes to Amsterdam. By combining authentic recipes and fresh homemade ingredients with an eco-friendly approach, Jackie Chá sets itself apart from common bubble tea shops:

-From the fruits to the sugar syrup, and even the tapioca pearls, everything is fresh and handmade. Currently, Jackie Chá is the only bubble tea shop in the Netherlands that serves homemade tapioca pearls! No powders, fruit syrups or other additives are needed when you are able to get the most out of natural and fresh ingredients!

-Packaging is 100% plastic free! Instead of using single-use plastic cups, plastic lids, plastic straws and plastic bags, we use glass jars, metal lids, and bamboo-fibre straws. The jars can be re-used for your own purposes, recycled, or even returned to us. Even the straw can be re-used!