To reward loyal customers for their continued support, we are introducing a loyalty program!

How does it work?

Members can enjoy exclusive benefits and promotions and save up Boba Points; for every euro spent at Jackie Chá, you receive 10 Boba Points (Jackie Chá's digital currency). With Boba Points, customers can enjoy additional benefits such as discounts and vouchers. Signing up is free and very easy.



Membership moments

Every now and then, we will announce (on Instagram and WeChat) exclusive promotions and events for members!

Birthday gift

Registered members will receive a special surprise on their birthday!

Vouchers for all products

Boba Points can be used to redeem vouchers (1,000 Boba Points = a €10 voucher)! This voucher can be used for all products in the shop, and you do not need to meet a minimum spending in order to use it.

Discount on all drinks

For the high rollers:

-Enjoy a lasting 5% discount on all drinks whenever your total amount is above 5,000 Boba Points

-Enjoy a lasting 10% discount on all drinks whenever your total amount is above 10,000 Boba Points

-Enjoy a lasting 15% discount on all drinks whenever your total amount is above 15,000 Boba Points

Members will receive updates about their Boba Point-balance regularly through email. (Money spent on UberEats will not count towards your Boba Points.)


Thanks for submitting! You will receive an email shortly.

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Too complicated?

We also give out a stamp cards to promote recycling and reusing. You can return your jars (please clean them if you've kept them at home). After collecting 10 stamps, your next drink is on us! (returning the complimentary jar does not count as a stamp)